1st Project

I got the wheels and casters on my first project with the new welder,
a welder cart (surprise). Now to get the sheet metal, which I'll have
cut to size and bent as appropriate by the local shop. I'd post
pictures, but the digital camera threw craps and has been sent in.
I'm going to take the advice of a previous poster and hold off on
paint until I'm happy with the layout. I'm thinking of mounting a
roller guide metal drawer under the top where the welder sits for
layout tools, tungstens, spare lens, etc. I think I'll just use large
dia. hooks for coiling the leads. The bottom shelf will take the
plastic case from the contractor's kit with accessories.
Next are carts for the oxy-acetylene rig, bandsaw, son's forge, and a
stand for the arbor press. Lots of fun!
Pete Keillor
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Peter T. Keillor III
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