Dynasty 200 Memory Function

I'm planning on getting my first welder for birthday / Christmas.
I've harped on it long enough SWMBO says go ahead. Right now I'm
using oxy-acet. I was thinking Miller Synchrowave 180SD, but after
seeing some posts on the Dynasty 200DX, I like it better.
Applications include mild steel carts, stands for the shop, aluminum
(rc models), and possibly stainless.
I downloaded the owner's manual and noticed a memory function listed
for LX(?) and DX models (when available). Does anybody know if that's
out yet, or is it to be added later?
Pete Keillor
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Peter T. Keillor III
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do a search in the group for 'dynasty 200 memory'. Long posts,the net is that the manual is in error. The machine does not currently,nor will it in the future have the memory function that the 300 model contains. Miller knows the manual is in error and in due time will fix it.
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Dave Seman
The Miller Syncrowave 180SD has a higher duty cycle than the Dynasty 200DX. The Dynasty does however have all those other bits like Pulser/Sloper/Sequencer.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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