Anybody in Seattle looking for Welding gear?

I just got a grand tour of Pacific Industrial Supply.
One of my night students this summer is Larry Langdon.
He is in charge of selling surplus equipment at Pac Industrial.
Between all the buildings there I saw maybe 85 welding power supplies
of every type possible.
A couple old Lincoln SA200s, a bunch of coffee grinder welders
(vertical motor/dynamo), Linde 400s and 600s, Aircos, Miller Dialarcs,
a bunch of real old huge motor/dynamo welders by GE, plasma cutters, a
couple TIG machines, Stud welders, rod ovens, cable by the pallet load,
piles of TIG torches, flow gauges, consumables, MIG guns, plasma cutter
parts, pipe bevelers up to 36", .....
I had no idea that they had so much welding stuff.
Larry has been dumping a lot of it on eBay, since he can't get the
owner to let him have an area over in the main store.
He is willing to deal on all of it to get it out the door.
I am still a bit numb just trying to comprehend all the equipment I saw
Everything you could ever need for forming or handling eletrical
Plumbing quipment, like threaders, by the tub full.
Chassis punches in every size.
Ironworkers, punches, swagers, furnaces, compressors, saws, shears....
It just never ends.
And that is just one of the 4 yards they have of stuff.
It seems the owner is a bit nuts about going to auctions and just
buying truck loads of stuff, whether or not they already have more of
the same stuff.
So if you are in need of welding gear or contractor equipment, check
with Larry first.
He is a good guy to deal with.
His office is in the building across the parking lot from the main
Tell him Ernie sent you.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
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My bet the chassis Punches are knockout punches for Conduit and pipe.
IIRC, the size is the pipe size - the I.D. So if you buy some, check it with a ruler. The quality is still tough steel - Greenlee very likely.
I bought a set once - and had to unload it - many years ago now.
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He has both the Conduit sizes (up to 8 inch) and 730 series dimensional sizes, round and square and lots of single and double D sizes as well.
As I said piles of stuff. Currently there is just no way to put it all in a showroom. The showroom would have to be the size of a football field.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Man, all of the big sales are in the NE or the NW. My father-in-law has one of those old GE motor welders. Looks like it was made before the Civil War, but welds like a dream!
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John L. Weatherly
Great! - The 730 series are Greenlee and I wish I could get the unique D sizes for 9 pin and 25 pin maybe 37 pin cable connectors on computers etc. :-)
I have a bunch of them myself and two squares but no D's.
Thanks for the reply.
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He said he sold some of the computer connector punches on eBay a little while ago.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Do you know what he is listed under for a user name on ebay? I would love to see what he is auctioning off.
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Domingo Montez
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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