$200 TIG - opinions?

Anyone have any experience with this?
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I'm looking to replace my 90-amp Craftsman MIG
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Rex B
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For the money, i.e., if not buying a Maxstar, Do it.
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Ben Woodward
I have one. Very compact and works quite well for what I want to do. I am not throwing away the Millermatic 175 or the Dialarc 250 though :) Don't bother messing with the electrode supplied with the unit. Don't know what it is but it just sort of goes away. For really light work (coffe cans) use ceriated electrodes and for normal stuff use Thoriated or Lanthanaited. I like an 1/8" thoriated for Aluminum DCEP so far anyway.
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Actually, yes, 2 weeks ago.
A friend purchased one of these against my advice, and brought it to my shop to try it out before buying a gas bottle. We hooked it up and I ran some beads on a thin piece of steel. After I (almost) got used to the wierd "lift arc", which involves an annoying delay you must allow for before lifting the electrode, I actually ran some fairly nice beads with good penetration and was plesantly surprised overall.
He brought photos of the inner workings, which seemed reasonably well built to me. On the downside, I think the torch is non-standard in its fittings, and I have serious doubts about how long this welder will live.
Most troubling of all, however, is a phenomena he and I both experienced with the unit, at two different locations: When first applying power to the unit, at his shop and mine, the welder drew so much power (not welding even) that it threw a 60 AMP 230V breaker, while making a loud thumping noise. I would have to understand the source of that before I'd even leave one unattended in my shop, much less purchase one.
Rex B wrote:
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Gerald Cooper
Good information. I have decided to go with a better MIG welder. The kind of welding I do is what a MIG is good at - quick and easy, light stuff.
If I run into something that cries out for a TIG, I'll give it a shot.
Gerald Co> Actually, yes, 2 weeks ago.
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Rex B

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