7018 questions

There is 7018AC.

The 7018 I use is a Lincoln product called "Excalibur" and I like it extremely. This is not to say there aren't other Lincoln

7018 products, there very likely are.

I don't think you will have burning through problems with AC - normally guys have problems with rods starting, but I never heard of a rod running hotter on AC amps than the equivalent number of DC amps.


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Grant Erwin
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I have run a ton of 7018 at dcrp. 2g, 4g, and 6g certified x ray. I haven't done any in quite a while. A neighbor gave me a Lincoln tombstone AC machine, and another wants me to weld some 1/2" x 3" flat bar. The joint would be a butt, but with a bevel in it.

I know how to do this with an open root 6010, and a 7018 cover, but am unsure with this AC. I'm afraid of burning through. I think I'll get some flat bar to practice on. What I was thinking of is beveling it, but not leaving an open root, and letting the two pieces contact along the point of the bevel. Run the first pass with small 7018 on both sides, then with larger 7018 on both sides, alternating sides each time.

I'm doing this with limited equipment and some that I'm not totally familiar with. Were this an ac/dc machine, I wouldn't hesitate.

Does that sound like it would work? And what is Lincoln's 7018 called? Fleet weld? Jet weld? And is there a specific 7018 AC rod, or will any

7018 run AC. I have a welding dictionary sized book, but haven't seen it since I moved.

Sheesh. It's like I'm starting over. I had a brain injury a couple of years ago, and I know I know this stuff. But sometimes ................



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I believe Lincoln's AC 7018 is labeled LH73. It's a nice rod to run, best AC LH I've used (airco sells one, comes from the Lincoln plant but apparently made to different specs, I tried it a couple of times and just hated it).

IIRC, that particular rod works well with DCEP, it will let you make a little narrower puddle than LH70. Nice on something that's a little thin for comfort.


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