I took the bottle of "mystery gas" I got from the neighbor in and got a
fresh bottle of argon . My aluminum welds no longer have
black flecks in them - they're shiny and bright and even the ripples look
better . Starting a bead has been a bitch , it's much easier now . My welds
on SS no longer have a black coating over them , they have that
pinkish/purplish almost-irridescent look to them . Still having a small
problem with those bright flares , but even that's diminished . I also
picked up some acetone as Gunner suggested , I'll try solvent cleaning my SS
when I get back to practice time . Might be that it's got cutting oil or
something on it .
For right now though , I also picked up some sprockets to be machined for
a local industrial supply place , and payin' work comes first .
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Sounds like that 'mystery gas' was 90 argon 10 oxygen, known as 90/10. That would explain the bright flashes.... we assumed you knew for sure what you had. Good for you to figure it out! You learned something today, feels good, eih? ;>)}
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There has always been a question mark on that bottle . I bought it from a neighbor , and it was labeled C25 . But it didn't weld like C25 with either my MIG or another neighbor's Miller MIG . I figgered with the cost of bottles even if it was wrong for my use I was money ahead , it was a good buy . But the difference , especially on aluminum , is astounding ! I was getting very frustrated , practicing as much as I could and things just weren't getting any better . Well , things just got a whoooole bunch better !
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