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I watched another of Jody's WT&T videos yesterday , he was talking about pulse 33/33/33 settings to reduce heat near edges and so on . So I cranked 'er up on DC , set the machine , and ran a bead down the edge of a piece of

1/8" mild steel with some 312 rod . Prettiest bead I've ever done on steel , and NO FLARES ! It appears that part of my problem with welding steel is caused by too much heat ... I'll be checking this theory out later today to see if the same holds true with stainless . Finally , some progress on another front in my TIG learning process . So much to learn , so little time . -- Snag But hey , the bike's back together and a guy's gotta ride .
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Pulser settings vary according to how thick the material is in relation to your amperage and tungsten size.

A spiky pulse would be 20% background amperage and 20% on time. I usually tell people to start with 40%/40% and 2 pulses per second.

Generally thinner metal gets a spikier pulse and thicker metal gets a softer pulse.

A spiky pulse with a small tungsten and high amperage with blow your tungsten to pieces.

For metronome style pulsing, 1.5 to 2 PPS works well. Add metal on every pulse, every other pulse or every 3rd pulse.

For really smooth flow welds max out your pulse frequency. On transformer TIGs that is usually around 10 PPS, but on inverters it can be as high as 500 PPS.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Thats what Ernie told me some years ago..and it really really worked for me.

Thanks again Ernie!!

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yeah ...what I said.

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