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Some time ago I managed to tip my compressor over , landed on the pulley .
The pulley survived , but the connecting rods didn't . Snapped 'em both off
just above the big end . Fast forward to now , and the replacement pump I
bought is blowing oil ... from excessive blowby . I haven't pulled it down
yet , but the rings have gotta be shot or broken of just plain crap to begin
with .
And this is where the wild idea comes in . The rods in the cheap pump
might fit , or they might not ... and if they don't I'm thinking about TIG
welding the broken ones back together . I can build a fixture to hold the
two bearings in alignment . I'd be most worried about the temper of the
repaired area , but a quick chill and a few days aging might get it back
enough .
Is this a waste of time , or do I stand a decent chance of having this
work ?
out in
the shop
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And there you have it ! Replacement rods are about 22 bucks each , and I'm pretty sure I have a pair in another old pump - that's in Memphis Tn , 175 miles from here . Cost more in gas to go get 'em that new ones . Tis afternoon I'll explore my options , this morning I'm breaking out the leathers for a nice long ride on the motorcycle . -- Snag A guy's gotta have priorities !
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Only when it's hot . It was like 65 degrees when I left . I don't break out the long johns and 'lectric gloves until it's under 45 ... but the vest is always in the saddlebag . Repairs to the cheap pump didn't work so well . Today I'll try to TIG the busted rods . Likely A356 , and IIRC 4043 rod is recommended . -- Snag
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