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I'm building off-grid and will have a small shop. I'm looking for a
engine driven welder that will also supply 3 phase 220 power to power my
lath and mill etc. This is for part-time work, it wont be full-time shop.
I just just saw the miller bobcat 3 phase. It is in my price range, just
barely under 1,000 would be better, but the 3phase is 480 volt. I guess
I could rewire my stuff for 480 but is it possible to use 3 stepdown
transformers, one for each phase, and get 220 3phase.
Also, is this a good machine or there better choices? What are peoples
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Yes, you can use 3 1ph transformers, wired appropriately, or you can use a single 3 ph transformer. Note these won't be cheap if you have to buy new.
Love my Bobcat (1 ph model), but for stationary power use I'd really prefer something slower and quieter. If it were me, I'd be looking for a diesel genset separate from the welder. Something like this:
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Gary Coffman
I would love something like that but right now I'm a little short on cash so I'm looking for things that can solve multiple problems. There was a bobcat for sale at a fair price in Kingman but I could get there at the right time.
I'll keep looking. Al
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