Airgas charges HazMat fee for wire?

Hello all,

Friday past, I went to my local Airgas to buy some new wire for my little Lincoln MIG. The 11# roll was $25.90 and the total out the door was $30 and change. I didn't think anything of it until I looked at the receipt at home. There is a separate line item on the receipt for Haz Mat Charge amounting to 10% of the cost of the wire. The guy behind the counter said nothing about this extra charge. Upon calling them, they said, "Yeah, it's #13 on the back." It turns out #13 on the back is a small-print disclaimer that basically says they are charging the fee, there is no law saying they have to, they just want more money.

Has anyone had experience with this? This is an Airgas facility in southern California.

Thanks for your time, Julian

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Julian Serles
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Mittler supply does the same thing. Even on TIG torch parts, etc, no joke.... I have problems believing my foot control has a tough MSDS under it... I feel the pain.. The small guy taking it in the rear end as usual.


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Just got 3 quote on new welding machine, on all 3 of them was a $1.00 Hazard Material Fee.

Glenn Houston, Tx

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Julian, I bought a 33# spool of .035 for about that amount here in Houston, and there was no haz-mat fee. Sounds like a California thing to me, but it may just be AirGas. I buy mine from a small dealer who usually beats the big guys prices.

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That's just bullshit.


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James Arnold

I've run into the same crap at Praxair-Torrance California, purchasing solid steel wire no less. Same quiet sale like yours. I made the discovery on the way home. I find it very irritating. The sales guy was supposed to be giving me a special price. Yeah, he gave me something special all right.

I did buy some fluxcore at a smaller shop in Wilmington, CA a short time back and they did NOT charge the "hazardous materials" charge. I forget the name of the shop now that I'm trying to think of it.

Home Depot does nothing of the sort. I just wish they had a better selection. I guess it's time to search the net for reasonable dealers. Lot's of times, the "no sales tax across State Lines" balances out the shipping charge.

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Remember the lead - the metal that is - in the solder and that nasty copper stuff - landfill filler and killer of newts :-)

Really - there is a world wide effort to get the lead out of electronics.


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Unfortunately this seems pretty standard for them. They charge me hazmat on pretty much everything and then turn around and charge my customers when the lease is renewed.

Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX

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Wayne Cook

I got charged a $9.35 Haz Mat fee when the dealer replaced the side window guide in my '99 Expedition.

See, you guys are not the only ones. Don't you feel better now? :-)

(¯`·._.· £ãrrÿ ·._.·´¯)

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How come no one ever asks the sales person if this is a company charge or a state mandated thing? I bet it's an added fee from the socialists in Sacramento.

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J Morvay

No, they do it in several states.


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Kent Fowler

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Kent Fowler

Get ahold of Armondo Aragon at Fresno Oxygen a.k.a. RAM Welding Supply or go to their website. Good honest people to deal with and NO B.S. Free shipping if you are in the western U.S. Tell 'em Steve sent ya.... Thanks, Steve

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Hasn't anyone noticed?!

Airgas makes a point of buying out all the suppliers in their areas of interest (not changing the original names) and then teaching the customers the meaning of "Price Control". Ask before you buy from a "Bubba' Welding Supply" if they are owned by Airgas...if so go somewhere else for a reasonable price.

My hometown in Texas is Airgas controlled...we drive 120 miles and make our purchases on a monthly basis.

Just my observation.

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Texas welding supply. I sure they would take it off if a really complaned, but I not really ready to buy the welder anyway.

Glenn Houst>Who gave the quotes? Big Tex or Texas Welding?

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