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--Ernie sez I can TIG aluminum with DC; the limit being the thickness of electrode being equivalent to the thickness of the material to be joined. I want to get a little further into this: should I monkey with frequency? If so what's ideal? Pulser? Again, recommendations appreciated. Thanks,

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You have to use DC Electrode POSITIVE, for this to work. Running a fast pulse rate (200 hz) will make it flow better.

Use the biggest LANTHANATED tungsten possible.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

The usual method is to use AC, usually with hi-frequency, to stabilize the arc. The AC cleans the material on one phase and welds it on the other. If you have an AC-DC box it may already have that.

Frankly I never heard of welding aluminum with DC although I'm certainly not arguing whether or not it can be done, just that AC was used everywhere I saw aluminum welded. In fact I once used a AC buzz box with a hi-frequency add on and a portable generator to weld irrigation pipe in the field.


John D. Slocomb (jdslocombatgmail)

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J. D. Slocomb

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