aluminum welding

This weekend I'm renting a aluminum welding unit that will connect to my
ranger8 welder, what I need to know is - do I use ac current or will dc
straigh/reverse polarity be better?
It has been such a long time since I have welded aluminum with a 1lb spool
gun so I can't remember how to set up the machine. Any help will be
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DC for aluminum MIG. AC for aluminum TIG.
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Gary Coffman
some have posted that using MIG dc on Al requires DCRP. is that the case ??
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DCEP... verified here:
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What Polarity Setting is Needed? All MIG welding, including on aluminum materials, requires electrode positive polarity, while flux-cored processes typically use electrode negative. If you are switching your wire feed welder between processes, make sure to switch your polarity. This is a common mistake that many beginning welders make.
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