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Well fellas,

I decided to go back out and work the shop full time. Here is the way, way, way off-topic question I have and I don't think there is a better audience to present this question to so here it goes......

I'm going to be back on my feet all day in the machine shop. Complete with the bad back and all. What would you guys recommend for a GOOD set of work boots that not only give protection but I suffer from a mangled back (L4,L5,S1 are bolted together) I figured most of the Journeymen here are in the same boat and a set of cheapies is not going to help. I need a lot of support and I called my Dr. and figured he would have a clue... Nope... Just how to saw me up. I wear a 5" weight lifting belt and a back brace but the boots may be pivotal in keeping alignment correct? I'm an engine dude, not a doctor. Any member of the "Old Fart's club" here me?

Anyone in the same boat who could offer up any helpful leads would be most appreciated. Cost is not a issue on this. I need to be able to perform at

101% Also- are there any inserts worth looking into adding?

Many thanks in advance,


Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.

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What would you guys recommend for a GOOD set of > work boots...


If steel toes are a requirement then my recommendation is dead out the starting gate.

But I wear Carolina zip side jump boots with Dr. Scholl's insoles. I've even been known to polish 'em and wear 'em to my stuffy white collar job.


P.S. I've been gone lately. Bought an old Massey Ferguson fixer- upper backhoe "by the pound". Talk about a slippery slope. Gunner, could you please send me those pain meds you decided not to take? ;o) .

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I second that brand. I went through a few pairs of this one model of Carolina boot which I really liked. I don't know the model anymore (I found it: 8010,) but they had foam between the sole and the leather, which padded me nicely from spending all day (and then some) walking on steel and concrete all day in the largest building in the world. The sole didn't last that long(molded with the foam,) but they were _really_ comfortable. The only reason that I quite wearing them was that about the time I got my third pair (they moved the line to China, which might have been part of it) I developed an allergic reaction to dyes or something found in a lot of clothes and leather. The factory was kind enough to make a pair of them for me (steel toes, too, which I wasn't even aware of) out of Nytek, which was soft, durable as hell, but didn't like weld splatter or steel toe chafing. I wore the sole out and by then I wasn't pounding steel and concrete all day like I used to.

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