Beta Testers Needed

Once again this year I am handling the online registration for the
Boise Ridge Riders' Idaho City 100 enduro. Pre-entry starts April 1 at
I need a few testers to go through the process as though they are
entering the event.
I've asked the club President to get some of the members to test the
registration for the IC 100 but so far have had no luck. I've looked
at it and mucked with it so much I feel it would be a good idea to
have some fresh eyes have a go at it.
Start here:
formatting link

Select "Entry Forms" from the menu on the left.
Enter a name in the "disclaimer" form, doesn't have to be yours but
only I will see it.
On the next page, skip the "Pay Now" button and click the link just
below it "Entry Form".
formatting link

In the "Payment Info" box, enter anything, numbers or text, but make
it something you can remember for one test below*. Fill out the
remainder of the form.
Hit "review", make sure it's who/what you meant to be, and then
submit. This should take you to a confirmation page with all your
entry data.
If you want to run the gamut, after you've registered, try the links
to "View Entry Status" (requires name & zipcode) and "View/Print
Entry" (*requires name and PayPal transaction number).
Then, go to "ride with a buddy" and sign up to ride with one of the
two captains already registered. I am registered as Captain #1, riding
Saturday; Bobby Bermbuster is #2, riding both days.
Or register as a Captain yourself and then do another entry
application as someone else and have them join your group. I've tried
to make this as simple as possible, with detailed instructions and
examples, but still have many confused riders who can't seem to figure
it out...
There are three links in the lower menu on the Ride With a Buddy page:
Retrieve ID: enter david jones and 83709 as the zip to see my Rider ID
or bobby bermbuster and 12345 as zip and/or enter your name/zip to see
your own ID.
Captain List: shows captains already registered; there are only two
right now.
Who is riding together: after you've signed up to ride with me or
Bobby and enter "1" or "2" in the search box it should show the group
(mine already includes Sandy Wash, Cliff Rider and maybe John Aiton).
Let me know how it flows for you, any criticisms, suggestions etc.
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