I got the smaller Victor torch set, not the number of pieces, but the
size of torch. A 115 IIRC. It came with rosebud and 5 tips. I got
about a dozen other tips for my 315. I want to start doing some small
sculpting, welding together (joining, actually) small pieces, wire, and
such, using low temp rods that flow easily. Can someone give me some
heads up on getting started? Type of rods to buy? Precoated with flux?
Flux in a can?
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I use the small unit on my Propane and Oxy bottles (30 gal Propane) (no flow control).
The suggested rig for propane is a long slanted L type on the torch end. I'd go on line or into a Victor booklet and find.
I use bronze that is coated with white. I use mostly the thin material but have use the 1/8" coated. It takes a lot more heat. But when the only game in town - I get what I can and order what I need.
The bronze is tough stuff. Might work for you.
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Martin Eastburn
For gas brazing I prefer the separate rod and powder.
Buy Low Fuming Bronze rod
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/ and this flux
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Warm the end of the rod and dip it in the flux to coat. Re-coat the rod end as needed.
If you get it too hot you will burn the zinc out of the bronze. You will see a white powdery residue from the burnt zinc.
Use a flame with a carbon feather twice as long as the inner cone. DO NOT melt the steel base metal.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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