Brazing Question

I'm trying to connect pieces of small brass together, would brazing be the
best option? and if yes what filler metal should be used? Any suggestions
would be most helpful. Thanks
Matthew W. Groeneveld
Carnegie Mellon School of Drama
Production Technology Class of 2006
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Matt Groeneveld
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Sort of depends on a lot of things. Brazing brass tends to get towards "welding" rather quickly, though various sorts of brazing rod do melt well below brass. But you'll need to check the temperature for the rod you are using, or the whole thing may melt down on you.
If it's a low-stress sort of assembly that's being parked in the background of a stage set, plain old solder might do fine. If it will see more stress, brazing is a better idea.
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You don't say what they are or what it will be used for. I would use silver solder. Very strong. Lane
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Brazing,silver solder,or soft solder, depending on the strength required.
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