building up metal/adding metal with smaw

just want someone to point out the simple procedure for adding metal to a part. I think I got it figured out, but i would like someone to explain the whole process just in case i have some incorrect assumptions.

something like having a 1 inch hole that has been wron out to 1.25 inches and you want to fill with weld metal and re-drill.

I assume low amps, clean slag off each pass, and repeat until enough metal is deposited.

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Might try brazing it...


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What you want to do is done all the time. But getting it right usually has several problems: Use a low slag rod (6011 not 6013) to miimize slag inclsions. If you get the slag, chip it off and grind out the flaws. Amperage is more a function of getting a good weld. Building up uniform edges is tough. If you are trying this on a piece of plate, use a copper backer on one side to keep the puddle under control. Be sure to add more metal than necessary so you have something to work with when redrilling. Your 1" hole will be a real stinker to drill unless you fill the hole completely (!!). I'd

Tater wrote:

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No way in hell would I fill a 1.25" hole with weld. I'd cut a slug of steel, vee it, vee the hole, clamp a bar of aluminum under the hole, drop in the slug, then weld it around, then turn it over and weld the other side.

Beyond that, I'd borrow a big dualshield machine, put on a steel backing bar, and plug weld it. Start in the middle, spiral out, then keep pouring in the wire until you have a nice full bead. Let it cool, machine off the dome, turn it over, machine off the backing bar, redrill.

If you only have access to a stick welder, I'd still weld in a slug. Otherwise you are almost certain to have slag inclusions.


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Grant Erwin

I would not try to fill the entire hole with weld metal. It would impart and enormous amount of heat and distortion around the hole. Machine a steel plug to fit in the hole. The plug should be tapered so you have a conical shape. This will give you a circular weld groove to fill in. You will want a slight gap at the bottom so you get full penetration, or just double taper the plug and weld from both sides.

This also means you aren't trying to drill through a solid slug of weld metal.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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