can it be done "plasma cutter for welding"

i am asking this one because i wonder if it as been done
welding with a plasma cutter on thin sheet metal with a filler rod
like tig welding but using the plasma flare a the nozzle for heat source
i know its a dum question BUT i had to ask :)
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Not with a plasma cutter, but there are plasma welding systems that are more or less a cross between a plama cutter and a a TIG system.
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I have one, if anyone needs one. Works with any tig machine.
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As I understand it the primary differences between PAW and PAC is the flow of the plasma gas, which in PAW might also be the shielding gas. Basically you would have to turn down the flow low enough to not blow the molten metal out of the weld (cut). Ahhh, that means different flow rates and patterns, so perhaps not the same torches. Yep, I think the power supply could double for it, but just about everything else is different.
Of course, I could be wrong or not have understood your question properly (-:
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