China manufactured inverters

Are there any inverters manufactured in China that are reliable?
Which ones?
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I never heard of a reliable one, and good luck with their "warranties".
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I spent quite some time researching this a couple weeks ago in the market though things came up distracting me from this for now.
Obviously, I am not affiliated with any company and at this time only a hobby mig person, but the one-man operations and 'distributors' DO shill on forums so be careful what you read it could be a post in a blog or other written with a nym. One guy I read in a blog was caught with his IP posting as two people saying how his Chinese welder manufacturer (cheap copy and he sold them) were great.
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Seems like the only 2 that I came up for a reliability record are Riland and Jasic. The others are copies. Jasic merged from Riland. China has no intellectual property law of any consequence so anyone can copy anything. I also noticed Riland (US dist.)charges a lot more on their website than the copies that look exactly like it, THOUGH believe it or not the Jasic 200Amp Tig can be ordered from China for 550 bucks 388 buck shipping on Ebay (before anyone groans the Chinaman dude has a 100% feedback record in his store). You have to ship back to China for a replacement in a year so there is a 388-400 shipping gamble. No one here is authorized to service it - that is where Riland USA comes in the picture, charges double or almost but say they have parts and will service it.
You like to gamble? It is a gamble. If you are a gambling man you might win an get away with it though I thinks Riland and Jasic are identical. (think) Another thread I found has a US buyer who toured China looking for the reliable TIG to buy in bulk for his company use - according to him (not me) he also said Riland had the reliability record.
There are so many cheap clones that fail that the whole TIG Chinese market is totally confused and ineffective. Good for domestic sellers. If they work and do function, there is nothing anywhere near the low price with the power and features. If there ever get it together for sales and service it could be a real problem in the future for lower end competition (???).
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