Core wire on a Hobart 135 - happy

A friend gave me a Hobart Handler 135 a while back. I have a gas setup
for it and ran bare wire for a while.
But most of the crap I fix is rough and spatter isn't going to make it
any prettier or worser. Heh heh So I've been running .030 core wire,
Amphor, or Ams-something, what my local AGA, Lisle, wait-a-minute,
AirGas carries. E71-something
Here's a coupla stories.
An older buddy has a fine old 2 stroke Yamaha golf cart. I keep it in
fine form, but this year was a PIA getting it out of the shed. After
taking a pint of fine ethanol tainted water out of the fuel tank and
taking the carb apart twice, it still wouldn't run for s%$#.
(thanks EPA, NTSB, DOT .. how 'bout clamping down on China's pollution
for us? Stinking ethanol AFAI can tell doesn't need to be listed as
added - on Ohio fuel pumps any more. Real crap for open small engine
fuel systems. Thanks again. [/grumble])
Soo 9-10 hours of my life tossed, there wasn't any wind coming out of
the huge muffler. Plenty of suction, it would run for about 20 seconds
strong and then peter out. Solution, toss it in a big fire. Any reason
for a bonfire is fine by me.
After the fire discovered numerous weak spots I bandaged about half a
wrap with some thin sheet metal. Using a manual timed, heh heh,
technique, ran the Handler at #2 of 4 heat settings, and speed at 20
(0.30 core wire) Took a while, and doubling my reading glasses made a
big difference too. It's amazing how good my welding is when I can
Actually I started with (cut in) one hole, then a second to get to the
actual chamber, on one end. It has an insulated/ sound-proofed shell.
I wanted to dump out the old 2 stroke oil ashes. Probably didn't need
to do that. But I fixed that first and it runs like a champ now.
Other story, fixing an older push mower for a friend. Smacking the
front of the mower to dislodge stuck under-deck grass gets to shocking
that front end some cracks.
Cranked down, the 135 to #1 of 4 and the wire speed to 10, bottom ....
actually I don't recall those adjustments, little beer was involved.
But did a few vertical ups with it on the deck sheet metal and it came
out nice. I never really haven't dropped the welder that low. I just
assumed it would be outside of a reasonable working parameter. Out of
nominal, but I was impressed.
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