Dutch Oven Table

I like to cook in my Dutch oven. Last night, I did a boneless pork sirloin
roast with vegetables and gravy. It was great.
I don't like bending over. So, I want to build a table where I can do all
this at table height.
Anyone know of any sites with plans? Ever built one of these?
Main considerations are: plate to sit ovens on while they cook; wind screen
all around; some sort of chimney device to start coals; hangers for lid
tools and pot holders; three point whatzzitt to sit lid on while checking on
contents. It probably would be as easy just to use the chimney I have and
tuck it in a corner. I think I'll make it on nice tires, with handles so I
can move it in and out.
Or, maybe, like other projects, I'll visit the local steel dealer, buy some
rems and drops, and fabricate it as I go. Then want to change something,
and sell that one to an admirer............... I've done that on a few
projects. Sell the ones that don't pass the R & D phase.
Help or tips appreciated.
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Steve B
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Why not build a forge and then simply park the dutch oven in it?
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No metal content on my suggestions! We used to do this for scout camps where we had a long term base camp:
4 vertical posts on about 2'x4' pattern, 2 cross pieces on the short short side, row of 6' pieces to make a platform. Add several inches of dirt in the middle, rocks for sides, wire grid or old (shot up) road sign for a grill. Light fire, work from whichever side was upwind. Place to set your supplies on the sides, fire for dutch oven, grid/plate for cooking the rest. We got LOTS of positive comments from anyone who came by.
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