Well, I spent my Sunday wondering the halls of Mc Cormick Place in Chicago, Ohhhing and Ahhhing at all the shiny new tools. WHAT A PLAYGROUND FOR METAL MANGLERS!!!!!

ALL the big boys were there,Linclon, Esab, Miller Etc.

The place was filled to the brim with cold saws, bandsaws, shears punches, robots, lasers, waterjets, drills, coil handlers, sheet handlers,benders, coilers, uncoilers, tube mills, roll form mills, brazing alloys, welding rods, torch makers, .......

Kinda funny, with all the welding demos going on the only smoke I saw was when the carpet caught fire at the Lincoln exhibit and at a booth were they were demonstrating a CNC plasma machine. At that booth a woman was watching the demo when a spark hit her silk blouse and it started to smolder.(I tried to beat out the fire with my hands, but her husband beat me to it) She wasn't hurt, but she did have to button up her jacket to avoid further embarrassment

I also met "Mr. Tig", Wyatt Swaim, the owner of TigDepot.com. What a heck of nice guy. After spending some time talking with him, he helped me see the best solution to seting up a production line to weld light guage ss tube.

All in all, I went to the show seeking answers for 3 production welding problems and 1 surface finishing problem and I am well on my way to solving all four problems.

I will be going back to the show on Monday, so if any one want to meet up with me, just drop me a line and I'll send you my cell number.

Greg Postma

PS: Earlier AL mentioned the $8 pizza, well the pizza is ONLY $4.50, the cold roast beef sandwiches are $8. I hate to think what it would cost for a beer.

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