newby pipewelding advice - stick welding - always 6010/6011?

Hello everyone

A friend and I are now both trying to learn pipewelding.

He is being shown how to do the root-run with a *rutile* rod - a 6013.

Showed him how to do 6010 & 6011 "keyholing" V-butt on flat 6mm /

1/4inch "coupons". He liked it and thought my effort much better than instructor's 6013 root. Instructor had had to stop-start to deal with burn-through! - friend showed me one he'd saved.

On a flat coupon, we got horrible result trying with "straight rutile" ("capping") rutile rod - a 6013.

Managed to get a resaonable result with a rutile-cellulose - a Murex "Zodian" - still an AWS E6013 but here a British Standard "Ennnn RC nn" rather than an "Ennnn R nnn" classification.

Technique I found was to "slide" side to side down into the root gap and up the other side then down again, advancing about a rod diameter per weave. Got penetration "gurgle" when in root for fraction of second, with regular rutile "hiss" the rest of the time. In this way got pen., kept rod ahead of slag and avoided any hint of burn-through. Was a "keyhole" at the lead edge. Slag on underbead, but chipped off to reveal nice tight consistent low underbead. But qualifying this - this was downhand on flat plate V-butt prep.

So please tell us -- what's for real here? My friend is getting very stressed-out working his regular job and not knowing what on earth is going on with these courses he is paying for.

Thanks in advance

Richard Smith

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Richard Smith
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