Stick welding stainless?????

Came across an interesting bit of information.
I had always thought that stainless required Mig or Tig... some kind
of gas shieding.
So today I find out about 308 and 314 stainless electrodes for stick?
Purportedly good for both AC and DC.
I have not seen these in the local shops. What kind of voltage and
current requirements are needed for these sticks? How do they "work"
compared to 6011/13 and 7014/18?
If these would be workable on a 110 hobby welder, it would be cool to
use for fishing pole holders and other marine items!
--- Rich
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Rich Lockyer
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In stick welding the range of amperage is determioned by the diamter of teh electrode. Where in that range you end up is determined by how thick the materiel is and what position wyou are welding in.
3/32" electrodes run between 45 - 75 amps. 1/8" electrodes run between 90 - 130 amps.
Usually with a 110 v stick machine you are stuck with 3/32" electrodes max.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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