FS- Brass wire

From an email this morning...


I have some wire to sell. My initial thought was scrap, but perhaps somebody wants this stuff.

There are 5 spools, 2 of known composition, 3 I am unsure of.

First two spools: New, still wrapped 0.0178" brass. Alloy

260, 75% hard. 100 lbs per spool. Manufacture's tag is still on one spool.

Second three spools: could be exactly the same stuff, but might be bronze instead of brass.

I have no need for this stuff and will scrap it if it sits around too long. Right now it is in my truck. Local delivery is OK by me. If you have a customer that is interested, I can send him a few feet of the stuff in an envelope so he can check it out.

I have a few high-resolution digital pictures of the rolls, with at least one of the composition tag.


Contact me for sellers information


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