Gas Cylinder Dimensions

We are building a number of different welding carts and are looking for the dimensions of the gas cylinders needed for the different processes.

I am interested in the gas cylinders used in MIG and TIG welding.

Could someone either post or provide a link to the dimensions of commonly used gas cylinders?

Also if you have an elegant way of securing the cylinders, I would be interested in hearing about it.



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Welding Cylinder Data (capacity is in cubic feet @ 2100 psi)

Oxygen / Argon / Helium / Other High Pressure Tank Designator Capacity Height Dia. K 251 51" 9" S 156 46" 7 3/8" M 125 47" 7" Q 92 30" 7 1/8" R 20 14" 5 1/4"

Acetylene Tank Designator Capacity Height Dia. #5 350 45" 12" #4 150 38" 8" #3 75 29" 7"

Here is a dead simple clamp scheme for two cylinders that I made and still really like:

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Grant Erwin

Ideas that I use, though I don't know that either is elegant : A piece of Harley (I guess it wouldn't have to be Harley) chain with 1/4-20 stud riveted in the links on each end. One end is nutted to the frame, the other has an oversized wing nut. So far, it has not caused any stress risers in the cylinder walls!

The other is an old c-clamp screw. Welded the female thread to a harp that is slightly larger than the bottle, and made and welded a curved plate to the pad end that fits the bottle.

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Ah, finally a place that specifies cylinder height. It's measured without cap and valve. Without knowing that, the height spec is less useful.

Thanks, Bob!


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Grant Erwin

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Bob Engelhardt

Keep in mind there is quite a bit of variation between cylinder manufacturers. More than you might think. I have an old rack that holds two K oxygens that's been on two welding beds over the years and held I don't have any idea how many hundreds of oxy cylinders in many different states. All with a good 3/4" of clearance, then one day I ended up with a pile of oxy bottles with a diameter too large for the rack. Some of the brand new ones we've seen lately are smaller than normal in diameter. Anyway, it's good to have flexibility in your system for differing bottle sizes.


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