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I'm a newbie and had some questions I have know idea about.

  1. What are the two types of orifices on a cutting torch? Center cutting jet and __________jet.

  1. Why is it a bad idea to quench a hot weldment?

  2. Where does the filler metal come from in stick and mig welding?

  1. What are the little brown globs on the surface of a mig bead?

  2. What's the optimal polarity for manual welding aluminum with tig?

  1. What's stickout in mig?

  2. What's a flame with excessive acetylene called?

  1. If your trying to run a 1/8" 6010 on 100a ac and it isn't working what is the problem?

  2. If your trying to stick weld 2 pieces of .5" plate with a 1/16 electrode and is doesn't work what's the problem?

  1. How does the filler material get added to the weld in GTAW?

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Stevie Agnew
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Sounds to me like you are cramming for a final. If so, you should find the answers on your own. We wouldn't be doing you any favors by giving you the answers.

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jet and __________jet. Ans: jumbo

Ans: The steam fogs up your safety glasses

Ans: Whoever is selling the stuff the cheapest

Ans: + or - depending on which side of the equator you're on

Ans:Stickin with reverse polarity


is the problem? Ans:you're not trying hard enough

electrode and is doesn't work what's the problem? Ans: Electrode too small-put 2 in parallel

Ans: GMAW, I don't know

Read the book instead...

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Stevie, you really ought to quit trolling for test answers.

Why not post the answers that you gave and let us tell you which ones are right?

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Thomas Kendrick
  1. preheat
  2. Makes it hard but brittle
  3. The electrode core / filler rod
  4. Molten flux.
  5. Straight I think
  6. The length the wire "sticks out" past the tip
  7. Carburizing flame
  8. Must be used DC Straight only.
  9. Electrode not big enough, current too low as a result. Or no edge prep, ie groove or bevel.
  10. filler rod dipped in molten pool.

jet and __________jet.

is the problem?

electrode and is doesn't work what's the problem?

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Bert Plank


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Sign up for English and spelling courses. Drop the welding classes. "know idea" ???


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"SteveB" wrote: (snip) "know idea" ??? ^^^^^^^^^^^ What's wrong with that, Steve? It's another way of saying "philosophy."

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Leo Lichtman

When used in the context of "I have know idea", I guess one could derive a philosophical bent. As in, "We don't need no stinking English or spelling classes!" Which seems to be the mantra of the new generation.

And then they wonder why they have trouble securing rewarding positions in the workplace.

Guess philosophy IS the way one looks at things.

Point well taken.


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I have a follow up question to your answwer on number 4.

4b. How do you keep the weldors chaw from building up inside the helmet? I can't hold it that long. :)


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