Idealarc 300/300 Code 8888 Help Needed

The issue I need help with is that when i am in tig mode and press on the foot current controller the circuit breaker trips out. This happen usually 1 out of 2 or 3 times. Sometimes it will trip out at first time, sometimes it will not happen until the third time. it will happen most of the time when I press the controller, disengage and press it again with in a few seconds.

When in the stick mode it will trip out at about the same frequency (1/2 - 1/3 times) when first turn on. But once it is on, it will stay running over the full range of current setting using rod sizes up to

5/32 on plate steel up to 1/2 inch.

Welder Data: Build 1984 to Code 8888 pre lincoln electric co per s/n on welder.

Installation data:

-circuit breaker (new) = 100 amp

- AWG #2 15 feet

-House feed is 200 amp.

Trouble shooting done so far: Cleaned breaker contacts and buss bar. retighten wire connections at breaker and welder Contactor 'contact' appear clean and not burnt or corroded but have not cleaned yet.

IMHO the issue appears to be related to the contactor engagement curcuit.

Any additional ideas would be GREATLY appericated.

Sincerely, Noble

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Other things to check:

Power factor capacitors. On the bigger machines you may find these installed across the input to your transformer or power cable. As they age or leak can change value and cause strange power surge issues.

Inspect the transformer for over heating. The coating on the coils may appear dark or burnt or look like it followed into lumps. This indicates unit was pushed beyond duty cycle and one or more coils maybe shorting together. Sorry, no easy way that I know of to determine if they are shorted.

After that it sounds like the current control circuit needs help. I'm not familiar with this machine. If it uses a current saturation style control system, one or more coils may be damaged or SCR's cooked. You'll need a schematic to chase that kind of problem and someone with some electronics smarts to guide you through the mess.

Had a 300amp Airco machine drive me nuts till I sent it to the scrapper to rest in peace (and pieces).

Good Luck

Jim Vrzal Holiday,Fl.

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