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My son came by and wanted to use the MIG welder to weld some light
gauge galvanized steel. I hadn't used the welder for a while and
noticed the C25 cylinder was disconnected. I looked at the wire in the
gun and it appeared to be stainless. So I connected the gas and my son
commenced to welding. The welding didn't work out so well. The wire
kept sticking to the tip of the gun. There was even a big drop that
looked like it was alloyed with the copper tip. I figured the problems
were probably because it was galvanized steel and an inexperienced
welder doing the welds. It was only when I needed to do some welds
with 70S6 wire that I realized the problems came from using
innershield with C25. What I thought was SS wire was actually
innershield. Next time I'll look at the spool in the machine and not
at the wire sticking out.
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WELCOME to the the wonderful world of Mig welding!
Been there...done that. Ive got people who drop by and use my gear and dont put things back as they were...and have actually welded something with hard surfacing wire..only to have the joint POP as I flopped it over. G$!!@#$!!!
Some of my spools are old enough that the labels have fallen Ive taken to using a paint pen and writing on the spool as to what the wire is...just in case
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Gunner Asch
Good call. I do that too. I wish I had started doing it sooner.
I have several spools of aluminum wire that I "guess" are 5000 series. LOL.

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Bob La Londe

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