2T/4T TIG operations

Digikey has shipped my new pots ... but while I'm waiting , I might as well explore some of the other control options . I've been using the button on my torch today in 2T mode , and it makes me wish the pedal was working . I haven't yet explored the 4T mode , and wanted to know if anyone out there has some tips .

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Terry Coombs
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2T is what I used most on my portable inverter for TIG at Breweries. It is the simplest version of a sequencer. One tap gives you pre-flow gas, and initial amperage, and a ramp up to the welding amperage (or pulser). The second tap ramps down to a final amperage and then gives you post-flow gas. 4T does all that 2T does, but also allows you to go between 2 different amperages without using a foot pedal or slider for amperage control.

I have never found a use for it in my work, but I can see it working for repetitive welding in a production environment.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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