My shaper was shipped at 8:05 p.m. e.s.t.
The seller and the trucker had one heck of a time arranging their schedules
where they were both available at the same time.
It is a testament to the seller that he put up with all of this for so long
and didn't give up with all of the problems that went before. All of that
for very little money, too.
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I had a similar issue with my shipment of Surface grinders from the west coast. Took a week or so to pick up - then there was another issue - another pickup then where were they - one by train another by truck. Train got here first - the truck unit was expedited by the truck company - but the local 'jerk...' truck station manager charged me for expedite and for special (over and above) fuel.... hasmat and whatever he could. I turned him in to claims, but never got a dime back.
Good luck with yours! - be on top of it.
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