Investigation of the reduction of mouldboard ploughshare wear through hot stamping and hardfacing processes

Turk J Agric For

35 (2011) 461-468 © TÜB?TAK doi:10.3906/tar-1105-29

Abstract: Th e eff ects of the hot stamping process and diff erent hardfacing techniq ues, such as shielded metal arcwelding (SMAW) and gas metal arc welding (GM AW), on the abrasive wear of ploughshares were investigated underfi eld ope rational conditions. Th e abrasive wear losses were determined by measuring the weight and dimension changes before and aft er tillage. Th e wear loss es of hot-stamped and hardfaced ploughshares were less signifi cant than th ose of the conventionally heat-treated ploughshare specimens used under fi eld conditions. Conventional heat treatment and hardfacing by the SMAW proc ess decreased the wear weight losses by 46.31% and the dimensional losses b y 86.77% in comparison to the performance of the conventionally heat-treated ploughshar es. Th ese values were 36.90% and 88.17%,respectively, for conventional hea t treatment and hardfacing by the GMAW process. Th ere were no statisticall y signifi cantdiff erences between the SMAW and GMAW hardfacing processes i n terms of wear losses. Hot stamping and heat treatmentapplications on the ploughshare also decreased wear losses by 19.03% and dimension losses by 13 .82% in comparison to the conventional heat treatment process. According to the results of the overall study, hot stamping and hardfacing by SMAW and GMAW processes can be recommended as effi cient solutions for decreasing th e wear losses of ploughshares. Key words: Abrasive wear, hardfacing, stamping, tillage tool

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