Is this worth it? Hobart Handler 175 Reconditioned "A" Grade

Looks like you can get one of these for under $500 on Ebay pretty easy. This is the previous model before the Hobart Handler 180, but the same specs pretty much. So this is a Mig machine that will do up to 1/4" steel in one pass.

Anyone got a reconditioned one before? This seems like a pretty good deal.

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Sounds okay to me. Hobart is made by Miller. Alot of times reconditioned can mean that it was simply sold and returned. In many cases these machines have been gone through and tested (so you stand a better chance of it working properly) I have a millermatic 175 and she works great. Tractor Supply sells the handler 180 for $650. so if you can save $150., that's a pretty good savings (about 25%) Good luck.


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