It came today !

And I hope someday to be able to fully utilize it's capabilities . I've got some of it figured out , I can at least hold an arc for a few inches without sticking it to the work . One question I have is why the arc flares up and gets a lot brighter . Just when I get a good puddle going and it's going where I want it to go the arc flares up and basically blinds me . Is this from contamination of the surface ? I haven't tried to use the pulse yet , just kinda played with it enough to be sure it functions . AC balance and frequency seem to have very definite actions , though I haven't got them totally figured out yet either . DC on some various thicknesses of stainless have been the best results so far ... though it's obvious from the width of the HAZ that I'm moving too slow . My opinion of the machine is that it's everything they say . BTW , this thing will throw a spark a good inch long on start . And if you happen to flinch and pull away and let the filler touch the tungsten before you get off the pedal ...

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Terry Coombs
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More likely it is operator error. Variations in arc length can cause problems.

Don't worry about the pulser yet. Get comfortable with basic TIG first.

AC Balance affects whether you have more cleaning or more penetration on Aluminum.

AC Frequency allows you to narrow the AC arc by increasing the frequency. This makes fillet welds on Aluminum much easier.

Welcome to the joys of high freq.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Soon as that happens...keep your hand still and let off the pedal and have someone look at the distance between the electrode and the work. I think you will find you are lifting your hand higher and higher.

Thats one of my problems..I tend to start either lifting..or lowering the electrode. Too many years stick welding..or advancing old age.

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Gunner Asch

Back in the late 70s early 80s... A neat trick was to strike a TIG 'arc' on your bare finger to see the tiny plasma ball effects. Tingled a bit and you could brag about how tough you were to the onlookers who naturally thought your were nuts. Come to think of it they were right:-O

Do not try this with a modern TIG! No longer just a parlor trick since it hurts like a sum bitch!

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William Bagwell

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