· Utilize redefine and exist within fail mode

Whenever a feature generation fails ,I am not able to manipulate the
model to correct the feature.I always say rollback and start all over
again.How to use =B7 Reorder/ Reroute in detail,
can any one please explain this to me?
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Many professional (and professionally trained) Pro/Engineer users I have met claim that any other option in the generation failure menu besides Redifine and Delete Feature can usually (but not always) make things even worse. Even during my own training with PTC, the instructor said (I can't remember the exact quote) "redefine it if you got the chance, you got no chance otherwise". Looking at the manual they gave us (back when they gave paper manuals), I don't see any really detailed use of Reorder/Reroute. The times I have seen Reorder/Reroute work are under very specialized circumstances and only if the part is created in such a specific "by the book" way. In complex parts, its nearly impossible to use.
I don't know if the Pro/E community will agree with me, but personally I have never seen it used that often. Btw, remember if you attempt to use it and it doesn't work, you lose some options when returning to the feature failure main menu.
-Adam Joseph Cook, Mechanical Engineer
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Adam Joseph Cook
It´s a good idea to have _two_ instances of ProE side by side (two seats with floating license), to compare with an undemolished (older) model on one of them during redefine/reroute/reorder surgery.
Esp. when the model is big/complex and dependencies not remembered, comparison of features and "lost" referrences is quite helpful.
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Walther Mathieu

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