It must be Gremlins

I noticed that my argon cylinder was almost empty so I went to change
it. Turns out that the "full" cylinder waiting on the wall was really
empty. No problem, I just drove 4 miles to the rental place to
exchange my "owner" bottle for another. But there is some company name
stamped in the neck ring, and it wasn't Airgas. Partially ground off
and painted purple. So the rental place where I exchange my gas
bottles says they are going to call Airgas to make sure the bottle
isn't stolen. So I tell the gal at the counter that I got the bottle
from them last time, only a few months ago. The last transaction they
can find from me is 4 years ago. I go through about 2 ea. 200 cf
bottles a year. I get them all from the same place. And they knew me.
And I only get gas from them. So how would they remember me from a
single purchase 4 years ago? So I call Airgas and they say not to
worry, the bottle probably isn't stolen since the neck ring is painted
purple. But then they say anybody can buy purple spray paint. So I'm
waiting for a call. Maybe. Anyway, I need to be welding so I connect
the bottle and even though the gauge says there is 2100 lbs pressure
no gas comes out of the torch. So I check for kinks, make sure I can
hear the solenoid valve working, check to see if the hose is crushed.
Everything looks OK but still no gas flow. Then I look at the flow
meter and it is not indicating flow. So I turn the little knob and the
ball magically floats up and gas comes out of the torch. But I'm the
only one in my shop and I wouldn't have turned that knob when I
removed the regulator. And the knob couldn't have been bumped to shut
it off that tight. Must be Gremlins, right? Or maybe I'm just getting
old and forgot that I turned that little knob, which I never do. Nah.
Must be Gremlins. After all, I am just across the water from Boeing.
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The little ball has been setting on the bottom and something made it stick there. You don't have gremlins.
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Paul Drahn
Definitely a bad infestation of Gremlins. You can appease them by buying a few boxes of new sharpie markers, some crescent wrenches, tape measures, and safety glasses and toss them under your work benches, and into the darkest corners.
Otherwise you have to do a full fumigation. Worse than bed bugs.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Good advice Ernie. I'm heading out the door now with cash in hand. Eric
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Same reason you have a "pair" of trousers, and a "pair" of glasses.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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