Job knowledge for welders

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this link has some handy information for both professional and hobbiest
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the articles on distortion are particularily interesting, along with those
listed below;
Cutting and gouging
Health, safety and accident prevention
Standards and classifications
Weldability and joining of materials
Welding defects and distortion
welding equipment
Welding processes - arc
Welding processes - others
John Noon
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john noon
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excellent website and source of good information,
thank you
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Forgot to include these links earlier today, lots of documents available for download, great for the hobbiest welder who is looking for answers to those basic how to questions and safety.
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with a little butt kissing these pamphlets could be made available on the welding FAQ site
Lots of good reading here and technical papers.
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Stainless steel insitute, several publications for fabricating and cleaning of nickel alloys
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One thing I just finished myself was moving all the distortion articles into one ms word document for my own reference, you can never have to much reference
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john noon

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