Mental Abuse

My abuser has been using the medical device to harass me the last 4-5
years. I have no idea what type of a device is being used on me. I
believe the device is only available to licensed pharmacist(s). I am
not very familiar with the intend usage of the device. As I understand,
the device can be used as a stimulator; 24 hours therapeutic session;
ease off a lot of emotion--anger, sadness, fear...ect.; enhance
recovery of mental illnesses. If abuse is the intention, it can be used
to sense what the other person's thinking or as a form of communication
through inner voices. In my case, the abuser has been using it to
insult me in every way he could possible think of. As I know, a single
device is only effective if you are in the same city. Mulitple devices
can reach billion of people world wide. Fear of being evaluate as
mental ill due to lack of physical evidence. I am hoping to find out
more about the device, before reporting to the police. If anyone know
what type of a device has been using on me. Who manufacture such a
device. What can I do to stop the abuser from such criminal act? Please
email me at, I would greatly appreciated.
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You are exhibiting classical symptoms of schizophrenia. One symptom is that you will not believe me. Get some medical help.
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Boris Mohar
Try buying a welding machine and weld together a steel hat from 14 gauge steel that would insulate your mind from those thought projection machines. Problem solved. A small MIG welder would work just fine, I think, although TIGcould get you nicer looking welds.
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The other problem is that Stupid People are the last to realize they're STUPID!
It's about time you realized that number in your waistband is really your IQ! Stupid People MUST keep it handy as evidence of their stupidity!
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Anyone who knows anything knows that Reynolds Heavy Duty aluminum foil is the chosen material for radio wave protective headgear.
Steve ;-)
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Steve B
OOOPS. My Bad.
A dab of JB WELD is used at critical points.
Unless, of course you want to TIG it.
Steve ;-)
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Steve B
Not true. A couple of researchers at MIT tested aluminum foil headgear and found that some radio frequencies are actually enhanced.
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Ken S
"Ken S" wrote: Not true. A couple of researchers at MIT tested aluminum foil headgear and found that some radio frequencies are actually enhanced. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ References, please. I use a lot of aluminum foil to cover food in my refrigerator--I wonder why that is why they sometimes spoil.
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Leo Lichtman
I'm guessing a cell phone with speed dial to your a. Mother-In-Law? b. Ex-wife? c. 1-800-HOT DATE? d. All of the above
Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. The guys in the football huddle are probably talking about you. The guy in the weldor's hood? - watching you.
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"TennisShoes" I've not seen 'spoiled foil'- Could you post a photo? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'm workintg on it. When I tried to photograph some foil, the spoilage did not show up. Perhaps that is because I am using a digital camera. I will try a film camera as soon as I can get one dusted off.
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Leo Lichtman
Weird.......... I always pictured aluminum foil headgear as looking like the sort of hat you would make out of a sheet of news paper for kids playing pirate. Sort of a triangular peaked hat.
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Those are fine, but limited to only blocking rays of the ships that are shaped like that. And they have bad TV and radio reception. I really think to cover it all, one would have to make the hat into distinct quarters, each with its own specific design qualities. Kind of like a stealth fighter, newspaper hat, corpuscle, Spanish helmet combination.
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Steve B

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