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I just got back from a trip. We bought some antiques, and some small
One of them is a cast iron letter slot with flap. It is rusty, but only
surface rust. I want to clean it up a little, and then seal it.
I saw lots of old ferrous items for sale that looked like they had been
buffed and waxed.
What sort of finishes are applied to get things to look like that?
As well as what can I use on things that come out of a forge that I have
either bent, spun, or worked to coat them? I want them to look glossy, and
to stop rust.
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Steve B
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Google on: electrolytic derusting blacksmith finish clearcoat
Steve B wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Once you get your desired finish (by polishing/blasting/sanding, etc), just use a paste floor wax to finish it. I use something called Trewax, it's good stuff. Put a coat on, let it dry a bit, buff it off, repeat.
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