MIG Wire Diameters

As I research the availability of MIG supplies locally in anticipation
of buying a MIG welder, I am finding sizes of 0.23", 0.24" and 0.25"
for MIG wire.
Is there a standard size for MIG wire and if so, what is it?
Why do all the different sizes that vary by 0.01" exist?
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Tips are made slightly oversized anyway so a 0.024" tip is really about 0.030" ID.
Most wire I see in that size is marked 0.024", but different companies call it out differently.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
I have to believe its mostly about current density. 0.001 +/- 0.025 is about 4% in diameter, but a bit over 8% in cross sectional area and therefore current density.
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