Miller engine will not start

I have a Miller Bobcat 250 NT w/ Onan engine that well not start. I think it
is partly my fault. The gas is not flowing to the carburetor. I have cleaned
the fuel filter and now can see definetly that the gas is not flowing. It
has been setting unused for about four months. I know...... I should have
drained the fuel lines or added a gas additive for it setting this long. I
think this what caused my problem having the gas sit for so long. I have
ben trying to find a manual online or even troubleshooting help but, have
had no luck. Can any of the intellegent individuals in this NG give me some
ideas of what to check or maybe clean before I take it in to get serviced.
I finally have time to myself and want to start working some projects that I
have been putting off.
Any information well be greatly appreciated....Okay now for my punishment
from the Group. :-(
A Hobby Welder
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Domingo Montez
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Try removing fuel line, or just undo both ends and blow through it with air. If that doesn't work try spraying some carb cleaner through the hose. Most carb cleaner spray cans come with the straw attachement that can be shoved through the fuel line while spraying. The carb cleaner will disolve any gummed up old gasoline. But if that really is your problem, the carburator is probably gummed up too.
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What I have done to my Bobcat and all other small gas engines is to put a cut off valve in the fuel line. When I finish using it I run the engine out of gas. It won't help you now, but it will help in the future. Mac plowboy and wannbe weldor
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Mac Maxwell
Is the carb a float type? If so, remove the float bowl (bottom of the carb) and flush everything with carb cleaner being careful to not blast the float pin out of it's cradle. Spray some into the fuel inlet and button everything back up. Let me know if you need more help.
J '
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