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Hi again guys! I know I've probably stirred up my share of crap lately, and
I think it's fair to let you all know a little about me, and why I like to
discuss all the welding stuff.......
I'm a VN vet. I flew Chinooks (Ch-47), out of Phu Bai from 1970-1971. I was
a CW2, and got out in 1972.
I went to work for a major welding supply place in 1973. They have since
gone under.
Since then, it's been a roller coaster. I was a RR Engineer for 10 years. I
was also a truck driver, and ran a truck driving school for a time. For
hobbies, I made, and raced dirt cars, made and flew ultra-lights, and also
started a pool league. I worked in the California Dept of Corrections, and
also the Texas version for years. About 10 years ago, I broke my back and
spine, and had it welded back together. I started to teach myself to build
computers, and can answer most questions you may have. Now, I'm trying to
get back into the things I love, and this includes welding. But,
unfortunately, I'm also a rebel at heart......That's the reason you see me
question stuff, as I read all I can on any subject.
You all have been more than helpful, and polite with my questions. I do not
wish to upset the NG, nor do I wish to alienate anybody here. I'd like to
tap your knowledge, have spirited discussions, and generally make myself at
What what am I likely to have problems with?
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So how do explain using crap like
(from your headers)?
That's what this NG is suposed to be for. :-)
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Ted Edwards
Ted, I use the current Mozilla build, also for a NR, I use Opera, and about 20 others I play with. This computer is my *bottom lady*, and has stayed on line for 3 plus years with no problem. If you build computers, you know you need such as this to DL the current drivers..........I have over stayed my welcome, and I say thanks to everyone here. Bye to all who have helped me.
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"Josh" wrote in message
I have over stayed my
Josh, Where ya goin ???
I for one enjoy lurk....I mean reading your questions just as much as anyone elses.
I don't know how you could overstay your welcome, unless I'm missing something here ??.
I'd hate to see this group lose anyone......except the trolls and spammer :)
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Jeff Sellers
Ok, Jeff, here's the deal......I have a history. I tend to go off at the resident expert when his advice doesn't fit what I know.
I also tend to go off, when a so-called expert, tries to pull the wool over somebody's eyes. I've also been a trouble maker my entire life. No question. BUT, I'm not stupid. I can read, and comprehend better than most. I can also be wrong, and have been proven so many times. I always acknowledge the facts, and apologize if appropriate. But, I tend to get to *it* much sooner than anyone wants me to.
This is my history, and it's true. I get extremely bored waiting for anything. So............
Does anyone want to *really* debate about the controversial issues regarding welding?
If I have the facts, will you? Or will you rest on your reputation?
Care to LEARN something?
This is my criteria for sticking around. Care to have a conversation about..................?
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I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Have a nice life.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Uhh, what controversial issues? It's welding, not solving world peace.
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Rich Jones
Although, you gotta admit it ............. sometimes solving world peace is easier ..................
And the only thing I can see that's controversial in the WHOLE welding world are those funny little hats ....................
Steve ;-)
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There are concontroversial issues regarding welding?
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Rich Grise

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