Need welders Boston Suburbs.

Having welding jobs, would like to locate welders, Mig/ or Hillyark in Boston/Cambridge area. Thanks.

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I wonder if I would want to work for someone who can't spell "Heliarc?" correctly, or doesn't understand the generic term TIG.

Nothing like trying to explain why you are doing what you are doing in the way you are doing it to someone who really doesn't understand the process in the first place.

M wrote in article ...

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Bob Paulin

Welcome to recruiters..... It's way worse in the Information Technology sector I assure you! Oh, they are the ones who will tell you you are over-qualified and overpaid as well despite the fact they know dittly about the craft or don't take time to research what they are asking for in a skill set (Yet they interview you too??)..... It will probably get farmed out to a NAFTA contract anyhow. (Just venting on Reganomics again!)



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Everyone knows Hillyark Is what Hillbillys weld with. Old tractor battery and bailing wire. "Just put the eye patch over your gooder eye n let 'er go boy!"

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