Old Harris cutting torch- repair or replace?

I have an old Harris cutting torch that is beautiful to look at but needs
some seals. I believe it's from the '30's or '40's. Should I... A) Retire to
place of honor on wall - or - B) find parts kit? "Harris No. 17f AUTOMATIC"
handle and "33A" tip. Any feedback on this regal beauty appreciated!
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I took my Victor, Smiths, & Forney to the welding shop out here in AZ. and they are shipping them off to a shop that blasts them and rebuilds them if they have the o rings and parts available. I bought these with two good size tanks and other part.. They told me that most over halls cost about $40.00 to do at the most... Check with your welding shop and see if they offer that. Sorry I do not have the name, other wise they may think I might go direct to the main source..
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Don D

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