Older Lincoln TIG Machines

Any comments on the reliability / servicability of the Lincoln Square Wave
TIG 255?
In particular has anyone had trouble with the digital controls?
This now discontinued welder has DC, AC Square Wave with HF, Pulser from 0.5
to 10Hz, Auto and Manual Balance adjustments (wonder how the autobalance
works?). Lincoln also offers a 2 step and 4 step "sequencer" which ramps up
current using an "arc start switch". There is also a gas afterflow
Thanks, Graham
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Graham Parkinson
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The 255 was 10 years ahead of it's time. It worked fine, but it was really hard to get welders to go for a machine with no knobs on it. They canned it and brought out the 275 shortly after.
I almost bought a 255 that a local dealer was dumping, but I went Miller instead with a new Syncrowave 250.
They are decent machines.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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