How to tell if TIG is square wave? LTEC 306N

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I just bought a LTEC 306N heliarc machine from government auction. How can I tell if this machine is a square wave machine or not. It definitely is not an
inverter type (it's about 600 lbs.). I called ESAB and got a manual and also a maintenance troubleshooting manual for a 306, not a 306N. They don't have any literature on the 306N.
The 306 manual says it has AC square wave ouput and that on newer models it includes a balance switch on the basic model and a potentiometer on the deluxe model. This allows for better cleaning or better penetration.
However on the 306N there is no balance feature. But it does have a simple knob to change from AC, DCSP, DCRP and a simple potentiometer knob to change current settings. Since these are solid circuit controls can I assume it is a square wave machine?
Can you tell when welding whether you have square wave AC output? If so, what should I look for (please note absolute newbie tig'r, some experience in OA). A friend has a new 180SD which I can try to weld with. Would I be able to tell the difference? Again, what should I look for?
If I can't really tell by welding, are there other ways to tell. I could try to get an oscilloscope but wouldnt know how to hook it up or use it.
I also have a Miller Dialarc 250HF that I'm fussing around with, could I simply connect the foot control to the LTEC. The connections are the same, 3prong locking connector for amps and 2prong locking connector for contactor. I'm just not sure if they both would require the same resistance range for the amp adjustment. Would anyone know how I could figure that out. Then I could change out the potentiometer in the foot control.
Thanks in advance for the time and any replies.
Aloha, Russell
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