Wrought Iron railing book

I would like to learn more about building techniques for building wrought
iron railings. Is there any books or websites I should seek out?
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It depends on what you mean.
Hand built from scratch railings take a lot of skill and effort.
Anybody can build railings from components.
Check out
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Ernie Leimkuhler
What do you regard as "wrought iron railings" ?
There's a wide range from bolting together components, to welding up standard bar and tube stock, through to "artist smithing"
If you're interested in the artist end of things, then I suggest a course. I was lucky enough to take a weekend course with Pter Parkinson this year. I made this
formatting link
He's also the author of one of the few good art-smithing books out there "The Artist Blacksmith: Design and Techniques"
Dona Z. Meilach also has a couple of good books out there "Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork: Tools, Techniques, Inspiration"
and "The Contemporary Blacksmith"
You'll find ABANA or BABA the relevant associations for artist blacksmiths and their magazines are good reading. There's also an alt.crafts.blacksmithing usenet group.
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Andy Dingley
What I am planning on doing is using some factory components with some handformed and CNC plasma cut details. I would like to see some info on planning and designing railing. I also need info on forming bends in handrail caps although I have seen some techniques such as splitting the handrail bending the two pieces separately and joining them back together. I learned long ago that blazing a new path is a hard way to learn things people learned long ago. Thanks for your help.
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