Plasma Cutter Lincoln or Miller?

Hi all, after a year of loving my Lincoln TIG setup I started considering a Plasma Cutter. I went to my local welding supplier and asked about pricing and recommendations. To my surprise they said to buy the Miller hands down. It is cheaper, has less problems and the consumable last longer. This seems like a no brainer. Is this the experience of others? Thanks for all your help again! Michelle

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Michelle P
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Miller's Plasma cutters have really improved, but I still favor Thermal Dynamics and Hypertherm for plasm cutters.

Thermals have a finer cut and Hypertherms have more power and longer tip life.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Plasma cutters that get recommended frequently here are actually those made by Thermal Dynamics or Hypertherm.

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and serach on "plasma cutter" for many discussions on the different avalable models.

Jeff Dantzler

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Jeff Dantzler

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