Pressure washer sandblaster

Bought an old trailer. What is the best way to paint it. I want it to
look nice and hold up but it does not have to be perfect. Thinking of
using implement paint at TSC.
One thing I was wondering, I have seen "sandblast kits" for pressure
washers. DO these work well and would it be good for what I am wanting
to do?
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Use your pressure washer with the wand set for a thin "knife" pattern about 3" from the surface and angled about 30 degrees from perpendicular.
This will carve off all kinds of old paint.
FWIW, it'll also carve concrete...
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I wouldn't sand blast anything that couldn't be completely disassembled. No matter how hard you try, the sand seems to get in to everything.
I would recommend power washing it with a good water based cleaner/degreaser. Then power and hand brushing any rough areas the power wash wouldn't remove. Then power wash again.
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Any chance you could publish a link on the sandblaster kit please? I never heard of such a attachment but I could sure use one!
Thanks in advance,
Rob Fraser
Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.
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Rob Fraser
formatting link
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Grant Erwin
"Grant Erwin" wrote in message news:11S8k.113$%>
Any experience with it Grant? Looks like it's sold by Karcher? The Karcher's I've run have been good machines. Wet sand blasting sure looks like it would have possibilities.
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No experience here, just googling for the guy who couldn't find one.
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Grant Erwin

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