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> Just wondering here. If the reason the readywelder is limited on thin sheet > is due to the maxstar's CC supply not having sufficient short-circuit > current at lower amp settings. We all know a CV supply would supply this > with no problem. So my question is this: Have you tried using a lower > base amperage setting on the maxstar 200dx and then add some 'dig' to > increase the amperage at the critical time of the wire shorting into the > base metal. I'm thinking this may help extend the range of use of the > readwelder when coupled with an inverter with the dig function. > > thanks, > dseman >

Ya Know I haven't tried really dialing it in on thin sheet metal. I have been welding lots of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" steel with it.

I picked up a spool of 0.023" wire for it. I'll try fiddling with it, and post the results.

> It should work quite well with a readywelder. > > I have been welding heavy steel tube with my Readywelder hooked up to > > my Maxstar 200DX. > > With 0.035" ER70S-6 steel wire I am running at about 130 amps, and 1.5 > > on the wire speed. > > Very clean welds, and a very happy client. > > > > I have been pondering buying a Maxstar 140 just to put in the box with > > the Readywelder for portable use. > > Maybe with the 150 coming out the 140's will drop in price. > > I like the 140 and 150 because they are 110volt or 220volt.
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Ernie, Great! Looking forward to reading the results of this work.



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